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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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Here by the seaside

It's 16:17 here by the sea. Scary great thunderstorm. Rain lashing on windows. Forked lightening hitting sea.

Unplugged mac and modem. Checked around house. Switched off electric sockets. Found Ophelia hiding under bed.

Switched on TV. Saw car boot sale in France: British people buying goods to sell-on back in England but just as they found a gem of a chair, TV went blank. First my blogs. Now the TV.

Checked around house again. Fridge, freezers and phone are still on. No lights on around neighbourhood.

Back on the couch. Semi gloom darkness. Nothing to do. Can't see horizon. It's a white-out. Lightening is flashing into the room like a horror move.

Switched on powerbook to battery mode to write this. Thinking of the people in and around New Orleans. Last time I looked, 80 deaths were reported. **Shiver** Terrible. God bless them all.

Now it is 17:11. Daylight is returning and growing brighter. Mist is lifting. Can see the sea. Now ship in distance is visible through the haze. Looks like something from a Turner painting.

It's lonesome being disconnected. Time to get plugged back in. And google for a Turner picture to post here.


J.M.W. Turner - Keelmen Heaving in Coals by Moonlight 1835 90 x 122 cm National Gallery of Art, Washington

P.S. Now it is 17:43 and I can see a fishing trawler heading swiftly into port. Poor chap was caught in that storm. No wonder he's moving at full steam. He'll have some talk over a few pints tonight, that's for sure. It's the first time I have been scared by lightening. Fishermen are brave. We should not complain about the price of fish.

Storm approaching

This photo is nothing like what we saw today as there was not much wind. Just posting it as a reminder of the power of the sea, and what fisherman face in their daily work.

[Photo and caption: "Went to Nolton haven where this shot was taken. Very large swells at the moment coming in from the west, first signs of a storm approaching."]

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And The Darfur Collection

Last May, Catez Stevens at Allthings2all in New Zealand kindly put together The Darfur Collection.

Now, Catez is initiating and hosting Spotlight on Darfur 1 starting September 1. It will feature posts on the current Darfur situation from various bloggers. If you are a blogger and would like to send in a post for inclusion in the Spotlight on Darfur please email Catez for details.

Eugene Oregon at Coalition for Darfur helpfully writes Reminder: Spotlight on Darfur 1.

Note, Catez is planning a regular series of Spotlight on Darfur. If you have missed Darfur 1, there is still plenty of time to prepare a post for Spotlight on Darfur 2 or 3 or 4 ...