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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

First Pope encyclical is on love

Flowers from Darfur, Western Sudan

Photo: Flowers in El-Fashir, northern Darfur, Sudan by journalist Andrew Heavens at Meskel Square.

Happy Valentine's Day blogmates. First Pope encyclical is on love :)

Light blogging here has been due to heavy postings at my blogs on humanitarian crises in Africa, especially the one in Darfur, Western Sudan.

Sudan Watch traffic has doubled again over the past few months. In April it will be two years since I started blogging Darfur and first saw Jim Moore pick up on the story in 2004. It has been quite an experience.

Jim and I were the only bloggers in the world posting daily on Darfur. One day, I shall blog an account of the journey and how Jim got it all started putting the spotlight on Darfur. I have a draft of it somewhere, maybe I'll post it on an anniversary.

Two years ago, Darfur's death toll was reported at 10,000. Now it is well over 400,000, half the number of the Rwandan genocide. Even though Sudan's stability is fundamental to the entire African continent, the Darfur conflict is likely to go on for years.

As Margaret Thatcher once said, "It's a funny old world."

See Jim's film clip of his Buddhist prayer flags flapping around in a snowstorm at his home in Boston, MA.

Best of luck to Jim with his new venture TopTenSources. So far, my favourite post is Dating - The Big Game by Olivia Ma in Washington DC.

PS Heh. Scaryduck says on Love (true meaning of):
My love for you burns
Like the Danish Embassy in Tehran
- - -

Update 14 Feb 2006 - Valentine's Day

Jim's response.

Dr James Moore

What a sweetie. Sigh. ;) Hi Joanne!

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