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Monday, August 02, 2010

Interviewed on the BBC World Service

HISTORIC stuff. Here is a copy of a blog post from
by Joi Ito, 31 July 2010:
Interviewed on the BBC World Service "The Interview"

Back in May, I visited the BBC in London and did an interview with Carrie Gracie for the BBC World Service. It was for a show called "The Interview". It was a lot of fun and she let the conversation cover a broad range of things including my world view. ;-)

There is a web page for the show which includes links to the books and things that I talk about in the interview and a link to the audio.

There is also a BBC News article which summarizes the interview. Unfortunately, the article calls Creative Commons a "copyright-free, sharing movement online," which it's not. Creative Commons provides technologies and tools so that people can use copyright to help them share their works the way that they would like to legally. It's not "anti-copyright" or "copyright-free" - although it is about "freedom".

Photo: Carrie Gracie (left) with Joi Ito (BBC)

Photo: As one of the most influential people on the web, Joi Ito has played a part many huge online projects (BBC)

Photo: On the web, for-proft and non-profit work regularly crosses over, says Mr Ito (BBC)

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