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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Messenger Service Popups
How to get rid of grey text box called Messenger Service

I signed in to Dell Customer Service, did a search in the Community Forum, and found five different ways to get rid of Messenger Service popups.

I followed a mix of Options 1 and 2 and, so far, have no Messenger Service popups from Susanne Girl et al.

Option 1

From the start menu, select Run
Type in *services.msc* (without the stars)
In the list of services that come up, find Messenger
Double click on Messenger and change start-up type to disabled and click Apply
Note: instead of double clicking on Messenger I did one right click and went to Properties as in Option 2 below
Then click on the STOP button and OK your way out.
No more Messenger popups.

Option 2

Go to Control Panel
Go to administrative Tools
Go to Services
Find Messenger, right click, and go to Properties
Set the Startup Type to Disabled with the drop down menu
That should stop those messages you keep getting.

Option 3

Facility at SpybotSD (it is free) gets rid of grey text box called Messenger Service.

Option 4

Grey text box called Messenger Service is a type of spam called sypware
It gets in to messenger port in XP
To get rid of the popups go to
Then get yourself behind a firewall.

Option 5

Activate Window XP's built in Firewall
Go to start-> Help and follow procedure
# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 7/16/2003
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