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Friday, September 05, 2003

Blogging about their thoughts and experiences of the Microsoft PDF Conference 2003

On visiting Microsoft Bloggers (see posting yesterday) I found a site called PDC Bloggers.

Drew Robbins and Kevin Schuler have created PDC Bloggers to connect bloggers interested in the Microsoft Professional Developers (PDF) Conference 2003 in Los Angeles, CA, October 26-30: whether or not they are attending the event.

Drew Robbins, a Software Architect from central Ohio, USA shares his site with Aya Robbins and Tokyo Tidbits in Japan.

Drew is a volunteer for INETA and one of the leaders of the .NET Developers Group in central Ohio which is sponsored by InDepth Technology, EraServer.NET and International .NET Association (INETA).

Kevin Schuler is InDepth Technology's President and a Microsoft Regional Director.
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