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Saturday, October 11, 2003

A lovely insight on English poet laureate and architectural historian: Sir John Betjamen

A Year in Cornwall - Hovering Somewhere Over The Atlantic -
is a blog about a family of four leaving Marin, USA, looking for a simpler life.

Blogger Frank, his wife Rachel, and their two sons, four-year old Nathaniel and six months old Sebastian, are currently living on the North coast of Cornwall in England - near Tintagel where legend has it that King Arthur's castle stood (and not too far down the coast from where I live).

Frank is British and blogs about being back in England after living abroad for thirteen years. And just like the time he first time he landed in America, he is struck by the cultural differences between the two countries, although this time in reverse. He says England does not appear to have changed much but he finds he has. In comparison to the Brits, he feels more like an American.

Recently, Rachel returned to the States for a week or so "straightening out the cats that we left behind". The cats are going to be shipped to England for the remainder of their quarantine period.

That sold me on this family. What a bunch of softies. I look forward to reading about the cats, their journey and how they (and the family!) settle from America in England.

A Present Giving Kind Of Day is Frank's lovely story about Sir John Betjeman and a trip down memory lane to St Enedoc Church, the place of Frank and Rachel's wedding. Frank's grandparents are buried there and nearby is a very pretty gravestone for Sir John Betjeman, poet and architectural historian.

Sir John Betjeman, England's poet laureate for many years, was devoted to that part of Cornwall and featured the walks and scenery of that area in many of his his poems.

Here are some more Betjamen Links.

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