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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Matthew Haughey's Blogging Project

Matthew Haughey has been building personal sites on the web for the past 8 years, including Metafilter, Ticketstubs, A Whole Lotta Nothing, and PVRblog, among others. All photos on his site are released under Creative Commons license. He says, as long as it's non-commercial and you remember to mention that he took the photos, feel free to reuse them in new works, but remember to use the same license he did.

Back in 2000, aged 31, Matthew started a blogging project called Ten Years of My Life. Since that time, he's posted a monthly photo of himself to track, what he calls, "the cruel passage of time".

Some of his inspiration for the site came from a few similar projects. Diego Golberg's Arrows of Time captures his family on the same day, every year, for 25 years. The 12hr-ISBN-JPEG Project has been running for nearly ten years already. The Daily Photo Project was also an inspiration.

Matthew's personal blog contains a slideshow of pictures and a commenting facility. Some pictures are of his two cats named Mozilla and Chloe. Another picture is of the day, at the top of Mt. Tam, when he asked Kay to marry him (he thought it'd be nice if the highest peak on the San Francisco Bay skyline always reminded them both of that day).

Among the many pictures of his daily life, there's a picture about Bocce. It's one of his favourite games to play. He says it's the sport of kings. That real bocce enthusiasts aren't all about the combed sand courts, white clothes and hats, and elderly men. He blogs that real bocce is about throwing the balls 50 feet across bumpy, gopher-infested, hilly backyards with friends. Good luck with the project Matthew. Hope we're all around in ten years time to see what you look like at the grand old age of 41. Watch out for all those gopher holes on the way :)

[Link courtesy Wax Tablet - Note: read why it is called Wax Tablet]

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