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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Unclaimed millions could be yours:
Look for your tickets and check behind the sofa

Wednesday's huge jackpot - one of the biggest prizes ever - has not yet been claimed. All players are urged to check if they are the single ticket holder with the winning numbers - 1, 3, 22, 32, 38 and 44 - for 14 April's main Lotto draw. The ticket holders have 180 days to claim GBP 14,262,549. The area cannot be identified until 25 days after the draw.

Winnings expire. Among the winnings never claimed, the biggest was a £3,011,065 jackpot. Unclaimed prizes go to the lottery's Good Causes fund, which goes into arts, sports, charities, heritage, and millennium projects and education, health and the environment.
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Greetings to:

Wendy and Gordon + fellow Scottish bloggers: One ticket holder from Scotland has until 21 June to claim £1m won in the Christmas draw.

Scaryduck + spicy brains, and Clive + Tom's constituents in London: The biggest prize that can still be claimed is £1,458,411, which is waiting for a jackpot winner who bought their ticket in Ealing, West London.
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Worthwhile'a Work Wit
Office Etiquette

This cartoon reminds me of someone I know - who'd agreed with his workmates - that if their joint lotto ticket won the jackpot - they'd do the same thing, waving goodbye with two fingers in the air - while dancing the conga - out of the door at work BEFORE they collected their winnings. There were twelve of them. I did the sums and said they'd be better off not conga-ring anywhere near the exit door at work :-)

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