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Monday, June 14, 2004

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In Time Magazine

"More and more people are getting their news from amateur websites called blogs, because they're fast, funny and totally biased" write Lev Grossman and Anita Hamilton in their report on the world of weblogs in Time Magazine, June 13: "Meet Joe Blog". [via Gavin Sheridan]
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The emerging Media Ecosystem

John Hiler is interested in understanding the complex relationship between bloggers and journalists.

In "Blogosphere: The Emerging Media Ecosystem" he writes about how weblogs and journalists work together to report, filter and break news, and explains how weblogs combine to form the Blogosphere.
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How weblogs can turn an idea into an epidemic

Another must read by John Hiler is The Tipping Blog where he explains viral activity and how weblogs can turn an idea into an epidemic.

John's weblog, Microcontent News, is a Corante weblog that covers the microcontent sector of weblogs, webzines, email digests, personal publishing - and the business side of microcontent, including text-based microads and corporate blogging.

[via Jim Moore]
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Further reading:

Audioblogger - be on the road and leave a voice mail on your blog as a sound file that people can play - at anytime - right from your web site.

Weblogg-ed - Using Weblogs and RSS in Education. The seven-year-old bloggers - "Ideally, I'd like to see every child with a weblog of their own". As well as using a weblog as a platform for an individual voice, you can use it for a collaboration of many voices. Connect together the weblogs of a whole class, or even a whole school, and it's possible to create a virtual community where students can read, and make comments upon, one another's work.

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