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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

At Harvard on Wednesday June 9, 6 PM

Yesterday, Passion of the Present announced details of the Rally for Peace in Sudan taking place near Harvard in Cambridge, MA on Wednesday June 9, 6 PM. Excerpt:

"...Wednesday is the evening before Kofi Annan delivers the major address at the Harvard Commencement. Because of Secretary General Annan's presence, the community and the press will be focused on the world's response to Sudan. This event provides people a special opportunity to add their voices to those of others, and spread the message of Sudan now.

Leading the event is Gloria White Hammond, the noted activist minister and pediatrician. Rev. Dr. Hammond has made two trips to Sudan to free slaves, with the second trip freeing 6700 individuals. She will be joined by prize-winning television journalist Liz Walker, who travelled to Sudan in 2001 and is returning this summer. Also invited is former United States Ambassador to Tanzania Charles Stith, an expert on African leadership..."
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Further reading: Report in NYT by Nicholas D. Kristof: The West stands by while genocide unfolds. Series of Letters from Nuba Mountain by Lawrence Peter describing his experiences in Sudan as a cease-fire monitor with the Joint Military Commission, Nuba Mountains between April-July 2002. [via comments in Joi Ito's Sudan post]

Note: Jim says, "Daniel O'Huiggin is responsible for many of the posts on Dan is a natural-born blogger. Like Joanne, the other writer on the blog besides me, Dan has been quiet about himself.  Dan is passionate about the situation in Sudan, and got involved by emailing us and offering to help. Dan's day job is as an undergraduate at Cambridge University in England where he studies Indian languages. It is a wonderful thing to wake up here in Boston and find that during the U.S. night Dan has been sifting away at news and comment from the ground in north Africa and from European political capitals, and has put it all together to provide a daily update with his own insightful perspective."

PS Bloggers can help by continuing to google bomb "Sudan". Here's sending warm thanks to journalist Gavin Sheridan and SEO engineer Tim Ireland for their links and posts on the Sudan.

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