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Saturday, June 19, 2004

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Takes ten days to notify of non delivery

What a drag. I've just received this email. And on a Saturday to boot. So this morning is taken up with trying to find an email address for my MP. No address is given on his website.

How maddening that another two hours are wasted - along with two more whole days - not to mention the past ten. As it's the weekend, I doubt if my email has a chance of even being looked at until next week.

Technology is not reliable. Sorry Clive, I cannot recommend Seems better to email an MP and follow through on it personally. You can spend hours composing emails to people and never get a word back. Grrr.

Imagine communications between the 191 sovereign member states of the U.N. - and the "stuff" criss crossing the African continent between London, the UN, EU Washington and the Sudan - not to mention all the charities and reporters ... the bureaucratic hold ups, entry visas, shipments, discussions, meetings, zillion bits of paper churning out of photocopiers and faxes ...*groan*

Subject: Email from Ingrid Jones re Sudan Crisis EDMs
Date: 19 June 2004 09:55:33 BST

Dear Mrs Charles,
On June 8, 2004, I sent a fax to Dr Letwin via faxyourmp online. Sadly, it has just been returned to me. I am so disappointed it did not get through. Now I regret not sending it by email. For some reason, I thought faxyourmp was an official channel preferred by MPs. Hope this reaches him in time to do something about it. Any help you could give on this would be warmly appreciated. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Ingrid Jones.

Subject: Sorry, We Couldn't Send Your Fax
Date: 19 June 2004 00:49:05 BST

Hi Ingrid Jones
Sorry, but we've not managed to fax your message to Mr Oliver Letwin MP. Rest assured that we don't give up easily; our automated system has made 20 attempts to send your fax. Why? Well, sometimes fax machines won't talk to each other, and in other cases the fax number we have might be out of date. Or the MP's fax machine might have been switched off / have run out of paper / have had coffee spilt on it.

It might work if you try again later, or you can post a letter to your MP at the following address: Mr Oliver Letwin, MP for West Dorset, House Of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

We've attached an exact copy of the fax we tried to send to this mail as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file, and also included the text of your fax below as you may fine that better to cut and paste if you do send a letter. You may download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free from

If you feel unnaturally motivated, you might write to your MP asking for their fax number. Then send it to us so that we can keep the service in tip-top shape. Since we're a volunteer-run service separate from Parliament, we're not often informed when MPs change their fax numbers.

Sorry we couldn't be more helpful...
- The Team
Here is the text of your fax

From: Ingrid Jones [address, tel and email] Dorset, England, UK.
To: Mr Oliver Letwin, MP for West Dorset, House Of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Date: Tuesday 8 June 2004

Dear Dr Letwin,
I have a weblog where I have posted almost daily on the Sudan crisis since April 24, 2004. My weblog can be found at
Words that are highlighted in the weblog are links that one can click on and open. Posts of mine on the Sudan have been linked to and reproduced by weblogs around the world.

Two in particular are 'Passion of the Present' and 'Jim Moore's Journal' out of Berkman Center at Harvard in Cambridge, Boston where a rally for Sudan is taking place tomorrow, the day before Kofi Annan is due to speak at Harvard. Passion of the Present weblog can be found at It focuses on the Sudan crisis and is co-authored by three volunteers: Dr James Moore of Berkman at Harvard, Joanne Moore, and Dan O┬┤Huiginn who is studying Indian languages at Cambridge University, England. Yesterday, through an initiative by Joanne Moore, Desmond Tutu sent a message for posting to Passion of the Present weblog and reading at the rally being held tomorrow.

I have checked the EDMs and have not seen your name listed. I would be most grateful if you could please sign EDM1051. And EDM293 as well. I would like the UK to take a high profile leading role in helping to resolve the Sudan crisis. Please do everything you can to help the people of Darfur and treat it as a matter of urgency. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Ingrid Jones.

cde452f7b294ad270e3b7fefff5d53de (Signed with an electronic signature in accordance with subsection 7(3) of the Electronic Communications Act 2000)

Delivered via - if any MP would rather receive emails please drop us a line at (We will not publish your email address.) Alternatively, you can send a fax or leave a voicemail on 0703 1150115. Please let us know if we've got your fax number wrong, or if you are receiving abusive faxes. Thanks - The Volunteers.

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