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Sunday, July 11, 2004

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Is this part of Sudan's moblisation for war?

Undated report says a reliable source has informed them the Government of Sudan (GoS) is acquiring twelve (12) Mig-29 Jet fighter bombers from Ukraine.

Four of these have already been delivered to Khartoum in two installments. The first two were delivered on 29th December 2003 and the other two were delivered a month later on the 29th January 2004. The contract stipulates that the remaining eight shall be delivered to Government of Sudan (GoS) before the end of June 2004.

The source also revealed that the four bombers delivered so far, came to Khartoum via Iran and Egypt.  It is worth noting that the deal for the sale of the Mig fighters has been brokered by a company called “Golden Procurements Limited” owned by a French national based in the tiny East African island of Seychelles.  The Frenchman, who has been a mercenary in the region and has extensive business ties with Khartoum including oil and arms, is notoriously known for clandestine activities.

The has also established that the four Migs so far delivered were used to bomb civilians and water dykes in the Jebel Mara Region in Darfur.  It is also amazing to note that while the GoS talked peace with the SPLM/A in Naivasha, Kenya, its military is mobilising for war particularly in Western Upper Nile area in Southern Sudan.  Is the purchase of these Migs using oil revenues from Western Upper Nile a part of the GOS mobilisation for war?

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 7/11/2004
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