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Saturday, July 24, 2004

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U.N. advance force within next few months

The United Nations (UN) are gathering troops to go into Sudan.

Looks like a UN force is expected to be in Darfur by the year's end.

And a UN advance force will be "inserted" within the next few months.

I've found no report yet that confirms the whereabouts of the African Union (AU) led force of 270 armed troops that were approved, funded and supported by the European Union. They are being sent in to protect the AU observer mission of 60-120 personnel, currently on the ground in Sudan observing the ceasefire agreements. My guess is that their presence will be made known in Sudan on or after July 31st.

On Monday the British are pushing for EU support to add on to the above AU-led force by providing back-up that could include British personnel who have military expertise. I wouldn't be surprised if our lot were already out there, via that Oxfam aid plane that left Kent yesterday for Darfur ... heh only joking - wishful thinking.

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 7/24/2004
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