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Friday, August 06, 2004

Picked as Top blog by the Guardian UK

The Guardian has just gone up in my estimation. It has picked Jim Moore's blog Passion of the Present as a Top blog. What an achievement, especially since it's only been going for three months.

Last year, I went off the Guardian when it gave its Best of British Blog award to a supposed London call girl going by the name of Bella du Jour. There were so many great blogs to choose from, I got mad at the Guardian for picking a blog that one couldn't even quote from because the posts were too graphic with x-rated details. I don't want to have to look at pervs in my stats. I once wrote here about a friend who'd turned down offers to appear in the centre pages of Playboy magazine; and a post about Ophelia's fur coat all shiny and new... in my stats for a while I got searches turning up looking for naked celebrities in shiny new fur coats. That's nothing compared to what turns up in other blog stats.

Congrats to Jim and friends at the Passion for the well deserved accolade. Keep up the great work - and thanks for all the kind words and links.

Hey and guess what else? I've just received this email from Jim (hope he doesn't mind me posting this - I'm trying to cut corners on publishing - usually I ask permission first but I can't wait - need to go to sleep):

Hi Ingrid,
As usual, you are doing wonderful work on Sudan, and we also appreciate your continual pointing to us and supporting the effort.

Would you want to write on POtP directly? I've been thinking about asking you for some time, and both Zephyr Teachout and Joanne (the very anonymous one!) agree it would be wonderful if you want to do so. We very much like your personal, fact-based, thoughtful and impassioned voice. And it would be great to have UK and (and European, where possible) perspective and action suggestions.

Let me know what you think..

If you want to go ahead and give it a whirl I will send you a typepad "official" invitation with a link and password to the site.

Thanks so very much for all you are doing!

Warm regards, Jim
- - -

Of course, I would love to help as much as I am able. Crumbs. Three blogs. My cup runneth over. Now I'm on a blogging break. Ummm. Pressure. I'm going to have to find the extra energy from somewhere. Don't know where. Except maybe I need a new cook. Current one needs too much of my input and supervision. Which is wasting precious energy. I'll have a chat with her tomorrow. *groan* I hate those kind of chats. It's amazing how many people do not know some of the most important things in life: about food and how to cook it -- and how to swim.
- - -

Heh check out Jim's photo -- he's not wearing any socks! I know -- it's fashionable *yawn* but I have a thing about cold feet -- the thought of cold or warm feet sticking to the insoles and shoes rubbing against bare heel doesn't sound comfy to me at all.

Right now, it's summer hot outside. I am stretched out on a 7' long couch that's covered with a big soft blanket. I'm wearing a white cotton blouse that has fine black and navy blue pin stripes (my favourite - it's made by Whistles in London and must be made from Austrian cotton because it feels great and looks ironed even when it never is) and light beige cotton capri trousers. Sitting on top of the black cotton socks I'm wearing, is a big duck down feather pillow. There's a large pillow underneath this powerbook on my lap. And I'm leaning back on 2 duck down feather pillows, one Dunlipo pillow, and 2 big couch cushions. It sure is cosy. And nice and warm too. No cold feet here. Not ever :)

PS If anyone's wondering about the anonymous Joanne that Jim refers to in his email: it's his shy wife, Joanne Moore. I'd read about her in a Harvard news article following Kofi Annan's speech. She is an artist. Jim is a good egg -- so no doubt his wife is too. Wish they had a cat. A house is not a home without a cat ;-)

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