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Thursday, September 09, 2004

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What is the person in yellow doing - and why?

This photo below caught my eye but I can't work out what the person in the yellow jacket is doing. The buildings in the distance don't appear like they are on an aircraft carrier. The legs of the bystanders are not blurred. Looks like the jet is coming in or taking off - at great speed - making photo blurred.

Where is the person in yellow pointing to? Straight on - or up - left - right? Can the pilot, at that speed, notice? Maybe they are talking to each other. I'd imagine the sound of the jet's engines would drown out any words. There sure are some unusual jobs around.

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This post is to mark the occasion of my niece joining the Royal Navy next month. She is sixteen years old and will undergo the most fantastic training working with the latest technology. What a great experience. It will set her up for life, and I am very proud of her. It's not something I'd ever have considered at her age, the hat would have put me off for a start. But I reckon she will do well, see a lot of life and something of the world - and go deep sea diving which she loves (and is qualified) in some interesting locations.

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