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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Bush is winner with 276 Electoral Votes

Election Scorecard shows where the presidential race stands today. If the Election were held today, Bush would be the winner.

If I had to vote, my guess is I would vote for Bush. Why? Simply because he knows the ins and outs of the job by now and could make great inroads over the next four years. I admire his nerves of steel. He makes clear what he is about and where he is coming from. He seems a regular kind of guy, not pretentious or greedy for acclaim. Simple in his tastes and speech, decent and straightforward. He's much more clever than he appears. I think he is genuine and sincere in what he believes. He loves God, America and his family. I imagine that when he is relaxed and not on guard with the press, he is very warm, friendly, caring, down to earth and funny. His mind must be constantly switched on and in gear. The wheels must be turning all the time. I get the feeling he devotes his life to America 24/7 not for his own ego, but because he genuinely loves his country and people the world over. The job must be hard work and extremely tough but he seldom shows strain or signs of wobbling and never gets ill. He makes the job look so easy and takes everything in his stride.

Whatever the outcome, I hope it is a clear cut result so the candidates and their families don't have to go through a mess of uncertainty and anxiety over disputes. It's hard to believe the new electronic voting system will go without a hitch. There are bound to be problems. Yes, I will be disappointed for Bush if Kerry wins. But a year down the line it will be like all the other Presidents - we'll get used to Kerry being around - and Bush, like Presidents before him, will have faded into the background and from our minds. This is a poor post, I've written it in ten minutes. The words I've chosen sound pretty cheesy. But it's late at night now and I am too tired to be thinking about policies and war etc. Here's wishing both parties best of luck. It will be an interesting week ahead. Exciting. Great human drama. I hope British TV provides in-depth coverage of the election November 2nd.

[link via Megan McArdle co-author of Instapundit]

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