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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Birthday message


AIU is an unofficial Yoko Ono resource. It has a messageboard where visitors are invited to talk about Yoko Ono, her work and current related events. Excerpt from the site:

The birthday book was opened in February for your personal greetings to Yoko Ono in the AIU messageboard, and all greetings were mailed to Yoko on her 71st birthday on February 18th 2004.

Yoko wants to thank everyone who sent birthday greetings to her through the AIU website:

Dear friends,

Thank you for giving me the encouragement I needed so much at this time. I was getting a little depressed with the world situation, and for just having come out of a bad cold. As you may know, I don't usually get sick...maybe only once in a few years. So this was not normal at all for me! But you picked my spirit up more than you could imagine. A big hug to each one of you!

Love, yoko
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Neat little drawing of Yoko by Norn Cutson.
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Found on the internet - author unknown

Life is what happens to you
when you're busy making other plans.

- - -

Spent today blogging Tony Blair's meeting in Khartoum; and at Zone of Peace I posted a piece on John Lennon along with report on Chapman being denied parole. Didn't think I could complete postings. Trying to get posts done in advance to take a break. It's been a struggle. Going through extra rough time past three months. Not managing to read blogmates or comment. Running on empty and feeling worse than usual. Too much domestic activity. Visitors. Dear friend in hospital is doing OK.

Managed to complete post on Tony Blair's historic visit to Sudan (the first visit by a British leader since Sudan's independence in 1956 - and the most senior Western government official to visit Sudan since the Darfur conflict erupted). Now need to take a blogging break. Don't know for how long. Thank you for kind emails and comments. Always appreciate them. Sorry still unable reply. Sadly must rest but will try keep in touch through blog reading. Will miss you. Bye for now. Love, ingrid and ophelia xx

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