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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Cats and other animals

Here are some pictures and links to sites featuring a lot of cats, and strange looking hairless ones at Sphynx kittens. Aren't these the cutest feet you've ever seen?


You'd have to be a cat owner to appreciate the odds of two cats putting chins on table while you get a camera ready - and that they stay that way while you aim and click. Great cat pictures are very special, which I guess is why they are so popular.


Here's why the shot was possible. It wasn't a table their chins were leaning on.

[Photo via Nega Diary]

Ophelia would like this hammock thingy. At the moment it is 11.35 Sunday morning. Yesterday, was a long day pacing myself while waiting for the fireplace shop man who never showed. I even curtailed a phone call from my brother just to be able to last energy wise so as to be able to look at brochures and be decisive. Towards the afternoon I got slightly nervous because my concentration was slowing and I was afraid of making the wrong decision on a major purchase. The new gas fire heater will probably cost around £600. So, last night I went to bed at 9pm hoping for an extra long sleep. No chance. Ophelia seems incapable of sleeping longer than eight hours. We must have awoken at the same time because I could hear her padding into my bedroom. She heads straight for my room as soon as she awakes. But this morning she didn't call out as usual. So I guessed it was time to get up and said our goodmornings, switched on the lights, went into the kitchen and opened the back door for her to go out. Came in here to switch on the lights, heater and plug in the computer. Looked at the clock to find it was 5am and Ophelia was already back indoors. I am tired now and want to go back to bed but Ophelia is fast asleep in the middle of my bed, under the duvet. She's lucky I love her so much.


More pictures at Animal and SB's blogs Cats and Watermark, with thanks.

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