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Friday, April 01, 2005

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Coronation Street TV character to get Alzheimer's

Whilst tracking news for Sudan Watch, I came across this UPI report via India news online March 26:

The producers of British TV series "Coronation Street" have said the character Mike Baldwin, played by Johnny Briggs, will contract Alzheimer's disease.

Baldwin will show early signs of Alzheimer's this summer with moments of forgetfulness that gradually get worse, the Mirror reported Saturday. Scriptwriters are planning to make Baldwin's demise mirror that of Shakespeare's King Lear, who had to divide his kingdom between his three daughters after he suffers madness. Baldwin will also find himself at the center of family wrangling over the Baldwin underwear empire.

"Nobody set out to make a copy of Lear, or thinking they would rewrite the great Bard," a source told the Mirror."It sort of dawned on everybody the story we were telling and it seemed to make sense to take elements of the play and turn it into a modern story."
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Google has a sense of humour

Ha! [via Viper Squad Ten]
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April Fool's Jokes on Websites

GromBlog links to a list of April Fool's Jokes on Websites.
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Lifecaching blogger fails to mobblog Final Moment

Unless I'm mistaken, a March 27 post at Guy Brighton's Wishful Thinking In New York blog is no joke.

Somehow, it made me think of: "Child Prodigy's Time to 'Do Something Great,' Mom Says (" - via

See UKBlogger map an aggregated feed of weblogs in the United Kingdom. Read online or via RSS feed. I think I found it at Betsy Devine's Funny Ha-Ha or Funny Peculiar?. Not had a chance to see how to get this blog on the UK map.

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