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Thursday, May 05, 2005

In honour of those who fought to secure our freedom and vote

Wherever you stand on the political spectrum please make your voice count and vote today. There are millions of people in countries whose voices will never be heard because they live under dictatorships and are refused a vote. Countless numbers of men and women lost their lives to secure our freedom and a vote. In honour of all those who fought hard for women to be allowed a vote, this message is especially to any women reading this before 6pm today, who have not voted, there is still time.

BBC website says polls close up and down the country at 10pm.
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Viewer's guide to election night - from the BBC:

It's almost over, bar the voting. After 30 days of intensive electioneering it is time for the public to deliver their verdict.

All will become clear during the early hours of 6 May, and the BBC will be on hand to offer comprehensive coverage on television, radio and online.

Throughout the night the BBC news website will offer a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute breaking news, results and analysis service. A seat-by-seat guide will be updated regularly as results pour in from up and down the country.
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You can also follow the election at Guardian Unlimited Election 2005 and meet more political bloggers at Bloggers4Labour.

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