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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Six week aggressive rest programme

Last week, I started a six week rest programme that has taken me two years to organise. It did not get off to a good start on June 1, too many unexpected interruptions and a few more things to take care of. So I am counting this week as a warm up to fine-tune the routine and start it properly next Tuesday. It's hard because it is so lonesome and boring. Cried the first few days. You have to psyche yourself up for such a solitary, sedentary, no talking, no nothing existence.

Food cupboard, fridge and freezers have right amount of ingredients to manage well. Tried and tested it over the past six weeks. Some days I make simple sandwiches with fresh greens and ham and have devised ways to prepare food for each day. Too long and complicated to explain.

In the past, I have resisted sleeping during the day as I sleep well at night. Now, each day I unplug phone and return to bed and sleep 2pm - 4pm. At night I go to bed before 11pm and get up when Ophelia wakes.

From the moment we awake, the programme begins which means total rest for five minutes every 30 minutes, even after sleeping. Here is how it works, using a timer around neck and switching tasks. No visitors. No unnecessary talking on phone. No lifting, carrying or even watering plants. Brush teeth after food laying down (don't need water using dry electric brush and beaker). Walk down steps to post box only every 2-4 days.

Wake and get up, let Ophelia out, drink cold water, bathe, dress - rest- get up prepare food (in stages) rest - eat - rest - computer - rest - get up and prepare food (in stages) - rest - eat - read - rest - read - rest - prepare food (in stages) - rest - eat - rest - watch TV - rest - sit up outside in noon sun 10 minutes - rest - computer - rest ... and so it goes on throughout the day and night every 30 minutes ... eating five times a day.

30 minutes computer time includes reading emails, checking newsfeed, reading blogs and tracking news - by which time it does not stretch to writing a post - so it is taking all day to squeeze in getting a draft together. Next week, I shan't be replying to emails or leaving comments. No phone calls or lifting Ophelia for a cuddle.

Today, I had my haircut. It is straight and simply pulled back into a hair tie. Hairdresser visited here. It feels good to have a real short pony tail again. Easier to manage, wash and brush. Must go now. More on this later. Meanwhile, here is Patrick's cat Pixel - the same cat posted here a few days ago. Just like Ophelia, except for the stripes. I talk to Ophelia and tell her how beautiful she is. No ball games for next seven weeks. Hope she does not get bored with our ribbon on a stick game.

Pixel in the Sun

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