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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Marxist Code Pinkos protest outside US military hospital


Untitled image courtesy Captain Marlow.
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A blogger in New Orleans films five days with Katrina

Please do not miss Tantor's post on a blogger's eyewitness account and slideshow of Five Days With Katrina.

I think the blogger should win an award for such an extraordinary piece of citizen journalism. It outshone most of what mainstream media produced and appeared to give a more rounded and balanced picture of the truth.
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To me and Ophelia

Yesterday, Ophelia and I celebrated our 4th anniversary together.

She got four extra kisses and cuddles and pet insurance.

September 11, 2001 was Ophelia's first day here. I was advised not to let her out for three weeks so she could get her bearings and settle in before going out. I had the toaster on while overhearing news from New York on TV. Couldn't believe what I was hearing. Or seeing. My smoke alarm went off. Toast was burning. Switched off the toaster, flipped a T-Towel at the alarm, opened kitchen door to let out scent, went back to the TV and stood there dumbstruck ... until I remembered Ophelia.

More shock horror. Of course, she had gone through the open door. It didn't take one minute for her to find the gap in the back courtyard wall. I feared she didn't like her new home and ran off at the first chance. Emotional, frantic and bereft, I phoned a friend and the cattery where she came from the day before.

[A few months earlier, someone found her as a stray in another county, handed her into a vet where she stayed for 4 weeks, nobody claimed her so she was passed to a cattery where she remained for a few weeks until our eyes met. They named her Ophelia. Said she was a tragedy out of Shakespeare. I agree, her behaviour told me she had been cruelly treated]

They assured me she would not venture far. They were right. An hour later, I found her cowering on a pipe, five feet below ground level of an outside wall. Cajoled her out with a ribbon. The rest is history. She has never set a foot wrong since.

Yesterday, as she has reached six years old, I took out pet insurance. Costs £50 a year and gives me peace of mind. Vet fees can run into thousands of pounds. Also, I took out a new Contents policy to cover my laptop and new cooker that I bought this week because the other one blew a hob and I had difficulty opening the stiff oven door.

The cooker blew in an amazing way. A large new polished stainless steel pot was on the hob for about five minutes, full of water waiting to boil for rice. Loud bang, explosion, sparks, sizzling ... could not understand what was happening. The pot had not even boiled or blackened but a hole had blown like a bullet clean through the bottom of the quarter inch thick base.

Apparently, that is what happens when a coiled ring element blows. The electrician said there is no warning or telltale signs when it might happen. Luckily, there was no oil in the pan which would have made a dangerous situation. This is what prompted extra insurance.

And, while I was at it, I messed around with life insurance quotes online for hours last night. All these human crises I blog about must be giving me the heebie jeebies.


One day, I will have new photos to post. Still not tried figuring out my new (now 2 year old) scanner.
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Lulu in Wales

Sorry to learn fellow ME sufferer Susanne of A Life in Wales, is facing difficult times. Wish I could do something to help.

This photo is of Lulu, one of Susanne's cats. Thinking of you S. God bless. Happy birthdays y'all.

Lulu in Wales

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