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Monday, September 22, 2008


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It's good to be back!

This acrylic on canvas (Animal Kingdom 2004 by Samuel Ajok) is my favourite from a selection at, donated to the Sudanese Education Fund and the Southern Sudan Cultural Documentation Center by The Metcalf/Mastoras Family in honour of their Sudanese friends in Boston.


The artist explains that this idyllic vision of African wildlife gathered at a waterhole is a parable for the hoped-for coming of peace: all manner of persons, including former violent enemies, will gather together amiably, in perfect safety.
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Note to self, for future reference:

Here is some of what I have been blogging since putting this personal blog of mine, ME AND OPHELIA, on hold.

Sudan Watch and its sister sites:
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Don't forget Sudan Watch - September 21, 2008 and
We tilt at windmills as world war looms.

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