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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Three reasons I'm voting Labour

Sorry I cannot find the link to a report I saw this week that basically said most Americans couldn't give a fig that we have a General Election coming up. Just goes to show the continuing insularity of American thinking and how much more the average Brit is clued up as to what is really going on in the world.

As of today, nothing has arrived in the mail for me to cast my vote. I have been registered as a postal voter for about four years now. So, this morning I phoned the District Council to check the whereabouts of my voting papers. The person on the phone was helpful enough but seemed to have a problem with my address and could not answer my question. She queried my address twice and asked if I had received a card. I said no. She said someone would call me back.

Fifteen minutes later the same person phoned me to say I would receive the papers today or tomorrow. If this is the same process and timing for all postal voters, they sure are cutting it fine. We have a new postman who cannot be relied upon to deliver mail correctly, nevermind pick it up for posting. I can only get mail posted on a Tuesday. The election is on Thursday.

The great Stephen Pollard says Help!

Three reasons to vote Labour
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Thanks to Stephen for the Three reasons I'm voting Labour.

More on this in Clive Soley's post [who has just retired as a Member of Parliament after twenty-six years of great service].

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Hit the UK

The supremely cool Google maps is now available for the UK. Seems to be missing some of the US functionality (like Satellite map overlays) but it is still in Beta:

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A zebra turns his head during a warm spring day in Amman public park March 28, 2005. Hundreds of school students and families floated to public parks to enjoy the mild weather. REUTERS/Ali Jarekji
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Pope Benedict

Tee hee.

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