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Friday, August 15, 2003

BBC NEWS | Technology | Wiping out the web worm

Further to my posts dated August 12 and 13 - above BBC report dated Thursday August 14, provides the following links and clean up tips:

If infected, disconnect your PC from the net
Disable the DCOM protocol (Microsoft explains how, in link below)
Reconnect to the net
Download and run cleaning program (from Symantec, in link below)
Download and apply patch
Update anti-virus software

Microsoft: 825750 - How to Disable DCOM Support in Windows

Symantec Worldwide Home Page
W32.Blaster.Worm is a worm that will exploit the DCOM RPC vulnerability using TCP port 135. It will attempt to download and run a file, msblast.exe.

STEP 1: Read Critical Information
STEP 2: Update Virus Definitions
STEP 3: Download Removal Tool

Note that the BBC report above, containing these links, can easily be e-mailed to a friend.
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