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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

A revolution is underway and blogspace a Second Superpower?

I would love to be able to attend BloggerCon 2003 at Harvard Law School Campus on October 4, 2003.

A few days after starting my first weblog, on July 17, a very dear friend emailed me his first impressions of blogging:

"I am startled at the polish and fizz you have put into your new blogging website, Ingrid dear.

I can now see that this is a whole new means of personal expression and assertion, which must surely herald deep changes in basic communication during the centuries ahead.

The medium now exists and we shall see some really startling applications for it as the years go by. I predict that it may at last provide an effective machinery capable of duplicating, for billions of voters, the ancient democratic polling in the agora of old Athens, based on face-to-face interrogation of would-be leaders. Politicians will surely try to stop that, but I believe they will fail.

I judge that this new process is now unstoppable. Our chief fear should be that it may become operative before better education equips today's lazy, ignorant and quarrelsome humans to make successful use of it.

All your links operate beautifully. I congratulate you most warmly on a splendid achievement.


New technology will be showcased at BloggerCon 2003

Some bloggers are complaining about the $500 attendance fee.

In 1985, when I worked in cable and satellite TV, it was not unusual for half-day telecoms conferences to cost anywhere from $500 to $2000+.

That was eighteen years ago. $500 today does not seem a high fee for such an innovative conference with limited seating capacity.

Good wishes for a successful conference. The artwork is superb. I am looking forward to all the news.

See my sidebar for links to bloggers doing presentations, and moderating at the conference.

Dave Viner, host of BloggerCon 2003, has published details of special deals, including free entrance on day two in his posting dated August 15, 2003.

Excerpt from The BloggerCon 2003 Weblog:

Weblogs. The unedited voice of a person!

Will easy and inexpensive publishing technology change the face of politics, business, journalism, the law, medicine, engineering and education?

Is a revolution underway, or are weblogs just the latest Internet craze?

We'll show how artists create new experiences and inspire with weblogs.

New technology will be showcased at BloggerCon 2003.

Educators are using blogs to help students express themselves and learn from each other.

Meanwhile questions linger.

Are today's bloggers the modern-day Emersons and Thoreaus or Charlie Chaplin, PT Barnum or Erma Bombeck?

Is blogspace a Second Superpower, a ride on the Cluetrain, the venue for the next election or is it even worse than it appears, just good enough to make a difference, or the revolution so many say it is?"

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