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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

If you are looking for an alternative to the Atkins diet

On September 21, 2003, Joi Ito blogged about a recent Guardian newspaper report on the British government's warning that the Atkins diet is a bad thing.

Several bloggers, including Chris Yu, responded with interesting comments. Chris wrote:

"Personally, I tried it, lost some weight but gained it all back plus a couple more soon after quitting. My favourite weight loss plan: eat 10 servings of fresh fruit and veggies a day. You'll be full enough so whatever you manage to stuff yourself with the rest of the day won't add up to that many calories."

Adding to the comments, I contributed the following:

Saw your stealth disco video (managed to get QuickTime installed) and it is not easy to see why you are gambling your precious health on such an extreme and controversial diet.

The late Dr Atkins' philosophy of loading up on meat and cheese instead of breads, pasta, and even fruits and vegetables goes against the nutritional grain among mainstream dieticians. The British government is interested in public health because it is responsible for managing the escalating costs of our National Health Service which is funded by this years taxpayers.

I have read quite a lot about health and nutrition and wonder what the Atkins diet is storing up for people, who live on the diet, in their later years. If you feel you are over indulging (anything is OK in moderation) and not getting enough exercise, here's something, a lot less risky and possibly more refreshing and enjoyable, that you may like to try for six weeks and see how you get on. Each day:

- eat every few hours including one main meal (before 5 pm if possible) of fish or meat (or vegetarian protein equivalent) served with at least rice or potatoes or pasta, ideally with fresh herbs, garlic and onion;

- by the end of the day ensure that you have eaten the main meal plus five pieces of fruit (one medium apple is counted as one piece of fruit) and four vegetables (half a green bell pepper is counted as one vegetable), a handful of mixed nuts (including one brazil nut), slice of wholemeal bread with butter and drink 2 litres of water. Any recipes, olive oil, mayonnaise, yoghurt, cheese, milk, eggs etc., are fine. Sugar, fizzy drinks, coffee, tea (ideally organic green tea) and alcohol (red wine is best) OK in moderation.

- after consuming that daily intake, you may eat whatever you like - if you are still hungry and thirsty and can manage it!

Like Chris Yu says here, it works! Best of luck.

This has taken me ages to do (Quick Time alone took 45 mins to install) so please excuse if some of it ends up as my blog for tomorrow :-)

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 9/24/2003
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