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Thursday, September 25, 2003

New Yorkers are getting a reputation for being unfriendly

Wonder why.

My friend is the sort of person anyone would enjoy talking to. She is generous, warm-hearted, interested in everything and anyone and very observant. Although good looking and casually well dressed she is very approachable with her cheery sunny disposition and great sense of humour. She has perfect manners, is kind, considerate and so open and friendly that if she were a dog she would be a cuddly golden Labrador, or a playful Retriever, that you just cannot resist patting on the head and giving a hug.

Yesterday, I received an email from her following her "trip of a lifetime" to New York, via Concorde, which I blogged about earlier.

She thought New York was super but was not impressed by the New Yorkers - "they are so rude", and says she did not realise they were renown for it. Me neither. It is not the impression I got on many visits to New York during 1973-93.

Has something changed? Do New Yorkers realise that this is the impression they give?

Or maybe they just do not care. It is hard to believe that, especially after seeing the aftermath of 9/11 on TV and all the outpouring of emotion and love and care.

Maybe they just do not care about visitors or what a 'foreign' tourist's first impression of America is. If that is the case, and they simply do not want tourists to visit (or return again) and spend all their money in New York, and rave about it to the folks back home, excuse me for bothering to mention it here.

For sure she did not meet any bloggers. All bloggers are friendly. They need to get more New Yorkers blogging.

Here is the email. Daisy is my friend's adorable and super bright dog. Wish I could post pictures here. The beach picture attached to the email shows a stretch of golden sand and inviting sea, on a bright and sunny day, with only two people in sight .....

Dear Ingrid,

Well how are you.....I hope this computer of yours will not stop the odd phone call.

I do appreciate however that you can control your levels of energy this way...not quite the same as hearing your voice though!

Well the trip to NY was super. We had rain for a couple of days and then hot! I was 5' 7 when I arrived but after walking the 22 square miles am now only 5' 5!!!!

We saw all the main attractions, had a helicopter trip which was fantastic. To see Manhattan from the sky with the sun shining on some of the newer buildings, particularly the mirrored ones, just gave so much definition to the older buildings.

We ate in diners, drank champ cocktails at the top of the Rockefeller what a view particularly as the sun was setting. We shopped and I bought Daisy a Tiffany dog tag!!!!!!! How sad is that.......she'll get stolen just for the tag!

Times Square at night, even in the rain, was awesome. I have to say however I'm not impressed with the New Yorkers - they are so rude. I hadn't realised they were renown for it.

The best was of course coming home (on Concorde).

We have been to Pembrokeshire last week and had the most fantastic weather. Again lots of walking and surprisingly got sun burnt! Tenby is so pretty. There were 11 of us and so, as tastes differed, we did split up. Several of us went over to the island off Tenby to visit the monks.......again very peaceful and pretty. We also went over to Marloes and saw the baby seals on the beach. They are so clever....Mummy puts them on a beach that isn't accessible to humans (well almost) and so we saw them from the top of the cliff.

Busy with work, with a new kitchen going in (13th Oct) ...both dining room and kitchen have to be emptied, plus the dining room wall coming down to accommodate a bigger kitchen, I'm sort of tired!

Attached is just one of the beaches......swell!!

Do write when you can.....
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