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Thursday, September 11, 2003

BloggerPro features transfer to free Blogspots

Mark Trammell, a Web Administrator at the University of Florida and husband of Kaye Trammell, has started his first blog.

Yesterday, Mark posted a CNET News report re Google's resources enabling BLOGGER to get rid of BloggerPro and transfer Pro features to the free Blogspots.

Great news for me and ophelia, and it answers the question why it has not been possible recently to upgrade to BloggerPro.

Now I can really make a start on trying to understand why I need RSS and XML buttons in my sidebar and bone up on Using .RSS in Blogger Pro.

A creative outlet for artists

Check out Kaye Trammell's blog about blogs and her Sept 9 posting entitled 'Drawing on Blogs' featuring Travis Stalnaker's paint blog and showcase where users can draw and paint and showcase their work. I spent a fun 45 minutes there making a right mess.

Kaye is a doctoral student whose dissertation deals with celebrity blogs. She is also a Presenter at The BloggerCon 2003. You can visit her personal Web page Welcome to Kayeland or her academically focused page to find out more about her.

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