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Friday, December 19, 2003

Wirefarm's weird palm thing

American blogger Jim O'Connell, who lives and works in Tokyo, Japan, got a tip from someone that some Arab websites are buzzing about the video of Saddam Hussein's capture. Jim has not seen the video himself, but it seems that some fig tree date palms, visible in the footage, are the wrong colour for December.

The yellow of the fruit (leaves?) indicates that the footage was shot in June or July - that such a colour at this time of year is impossible.

They are saying that Saddam was captured months ago and held until the timing was more politically advantageous for the Bush administration.

Anyone else hear about this? Ref my previous post below: if there are any botanists trying to figure out Jim's weird leaf thing, please take a look at his weird palm thing and tell us what you think. Thanks :-)

At Wirefarm in Tokyo, Japan

Around a year ago, Jim O'Connell's wife Yuka, got some flowers in a bouquet that came with a bit of greenery. After the flowers and other greens died off, they were left with a stick of leaves that never wilted or changed. As time went by, they wondered if they might be plastic, but when they looked at them, they really did seem to be alive, so they left them sitting in some water.

Recently, something started growing from the middle of each leaf. Take a look at Jim's Weird Leaf thing. It looks like a flower, except that it's growing from the middle of the leaf - do flowers ever do that? Have you ever seen anything like it? How can we find out? Do you know of any botanists to ask?

Guardian's Blog Awards was disappointing from beginning to end

Sorry to say that the Guardian has lost credibility on this. The Guardian's Blog Awards wasn't even fun to follow. No hype. Blah. Nothing.

Thumbs down to the Judges. Final winner for best written category was definitely not representative of the best of British blogging. And certainly is not an example to be held up for young bloggers to aspire to.

We Brits live in the land of the English language, Shakespeare, historically great literature and world famous writers, theatre and comedy. Judges selection was a disgrace. Their reasoning is utter twaddle. Guardian newspaper cannot even publicise extracts from the winning blog. Nor can I quote from or link to the winning entry. Thumbs down to the Guardian.

Thumbs up to Judge Scaryduck who voted for The Bottle Shop instead of the final winner. Take a read of all the posts - it's a scream - the author Late Bland deserves wider recognition.

Congratulations to all winners and runners up, including LinkMachineGo.

Beagle probe glides solo towards Mars after travelling 250 million miles

Here is an update on our brilliant Beagle. A few hours ago, BBC News reported that British Beagle 2 has successfully separated from its "mothership" for the final leg of the journey to Mars. The tiny probe will now glide the last three million kilometres to the Red Planet alone; silent, powerless and in hibernation mode. The lander is expected to touch down on Mars on Christmas Day, to search for signs of life, past or present.

After flying solo for almost six days, the lander should reach the edge of the Martian atmosphere in the early hours of Christmas Day. It will plunge towards the crater of Isidis Planitia slowed by a heat-resistant shield and parachutes, and cushioned by airbags.

Meanwhile, Mars Express will fire its rockets to blast itself into orbit around the Red Planet. It will then begin its life's work - searching for water, ice and key chemicals buried under the Martian surface.

Further reading in previous post Sunday, December 14, 2003: Landing of Hope and Glory Go Beagle!

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