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Saturday, December 20, 2003

And Computer Man

Hazel over at Stitching up a Storm recently found a website authored by British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver where you can search recipes.

Thanks to Joi Ito, another brand new blog has entered the blogospace. The author is John Perry Barlow whose blog is called BarlowFriendz.

By comparison, here's how the Dell engineer got on with his new blog. Looks like Computer Man had a spot of trouble. I'm wondering if he needs to request Blogger to upgrade him to BlogSpot Plus in order for his blog to carry pictures of Spider-Man in the Sony Pictures template.

Buddha walked into a pizza place: "Make me One with Everything"

Re my two posts below, if you are visiting Jim O'Connell's blog Wirefarm, be sure to see the photos he's posted of his incredible feet. Here's an excerpt:

"...After work last night, I suggested to Yuka that we try some yoga as a way to relieve stress a bit. Kristen had loaned us a book on the subject and I had actually tried it a bit years and years ago, so we gave it a go.

I think I have a hard time getting into the whole idea of yoga or meditation because of the whole New-Agey-ness of it all. After all, I'm not very spiritual and I can't see myself joining an Ashram somewhere just yet. The books will tell you that they're not religious, yet they still talk about "Energy Circles" and refer a lot to their gurus. All I was looking for is a way to relax a bit, not a way to achieve "Inner Grooviness"...

It's also a very female-dominated activity. When I looked for a book at the store, they always seemed to be for pregnant women and just being over in that area of the bookshop gave me the willies. Plus, there's that whole leotard thing. ("I ain't wearin no 'tard, man...") ..."
_ _ _

Note to Jim: Within seconds of linking to your "weird palm thing" below, my blogstats showed that little old Me and Ophelia was visited by BU-WCS1-KELLY.NIPR.MIL. This morning, my stats showed not a single visitor since Overseas readers always visit here in the night, especially Americans. Zero visitors overnight has never happened here before. Of course, Blogger's server may have gone down immediately after the visit by Fig-Nificant? Spooky weird thing or what :-)

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