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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Mapping Shipmans deadly pattern

BBC News Online reports that killer doctor Harold Shipman has died after being found hanging in his cell in Wakefield Prison today.

Dr Shipman was convicted of the murder of 15 patients but an inquiry later concluded he had killed at least 215 over two decades. By the time he was caught he was killing at a rate of one patient every ten days.

Most of Shipman's estimated 215 victims lived in and around Hyde in Greater Manchester, where he was a GP from 1978 until his arrest in 1998.

Using the start button here, you can see how his murders gathered pace over those years.
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In the world of politics and economics

This article summarizes what Dave Pollard believes were the most important ideas of 2003 in the world of politics and economics.

Dave makes no apologies for the fact that this list reflects his perspective on the political compass test (-8.2, -8.0). He says those with conservative or authoritarian views are welcome to make their own lists.
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Want to see more of

This list - what the blogosphere wants more of - is featured in the righthand sidebar of Dave Pollard's blog How to Save the World.

Blog readers want to see more:

a. original research, surveys etc.
b. original, well-crafted fiction
c. great finds: resources, blogs, essays, artistic works
d. news not found anywhere else
e. category killers: aggregators that capture the best of many blogs/feeds, so they need not be read individually
f. clever, concise political opinion (most readers prefer these consistent with their own views)
g. benchmarks, quantitative analysis
h. personal stories, experiences, lessons learned
i. first-hand accounts
j. live reports from events
k. insight: leading-edge thinking & novel perspectives
l. short educational pieces
m. relevant "aha" graphics
n. great photos
o. useful tools and checklists
p. précis, summaries, reviews and other time-savers
q. fun stuff: quizzes, self-evaluations, other interactive content

Blog writers want to see more:

a. constructive criticism, reaction, feedback
b. thank you comments, and why readers liked their post
c. requests for future posts on specific subjects
d. foundation articles: posts that writers can build on, on their own blogs
e. reading lists/aggregations of material on specific, leading-edge subjects that writers can use as resource material
f. wonderful examples of writing of a particular genre, that they can learn from
g. comments that engender lively discussion
h. guidance on how to write in the strange world of weblogs.

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