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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Tracking the reporters

Dave Winer does not think this is a very good idea. He thinks it would be much better to track the candidates by issues, rather than watching reporters. As per my post on Jan 15, I think the idea of starting up, exploring and testing a bloggers Media Monitoring Network, on a trial basis, is brilliant. Dave has received some interesting comments.

Have your say

On January 21, Dave Winer is doing a session at a teleconference involving many of the leading developers in the syndication world. As he'd like the focus to be on people who use the technology, to let them set the agenda for the developers, he is asking bloggers:

"What can technology do to help make getting the information you want easier, more efficient, more fun, more..? If you could put one thing on the agenda of the industry, what would it be? Please try to keep it to one or two sentences, and give it some thought before posting. Even better would be to post something on your weblog if you have one, or post it as a comment: What do users want from RSS?"

Successfully transported into HaloScan

Readers' comments posted to this blog have now moved from BlogSpeak to HaloScan. Huge thanks to Harry and Jeevan. Sorry about the disappearance of the service this past week. Jeevan at HaloScan thinks my IE browser is having problems with Javascript. He has some alternative codes that may enable me to open the comments window on this page. In the meantime, I can access and reply to comments by logging in at HaloScan.

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