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Friday, January 23, 2004


A great way to bring about convergence between online and offline communities

The Asbury Tenants Weblog makes brilliant use of a blog and is fun to read. It's a community weblog for tenants of the Asbury apartment building in Los Angeles, California, USA. The blog has no connection to the management of the apartment building. Any Asbury tenant may post entries after emailing the admin to ask for a login/password. Any visitor may leave comments. Like Seb says, "think of the value to prospective tenants."

And, like Mark says, "seems odd that this happened in LA first, and not in New York City. Something tells me that future landlords won't appreciate their tenants being quite so "connected". Too bad. What a great way to bring about a convergence between online and offline communities, though."
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I say, imagine if tenants' blogging takes off. The stuff that people might blog about could get hair-raising (for tenants and landlords). Wish I'd kept a note of a blog I came across that graphically explained a nightmare scenario of a pair of tenants who met up, fell in love (and split up!) while they were both tenants in the same apartment block but on different floors. It was a scream. Can you imagine the sort of stuff that tenants might blog? I can ;-)

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