ME and Ophelia

Thursday, January 29, 2004

In the snow

This morning we awoke 06:00 AM. Pitch dark outside. We trotted to the kitchen and opened the back door. What a shock. Ophelia shrank back. The black rubber doormat was snow white. She crept back, stealth like, toward the open door, eyeing the snow, sniffing the air, head held high, whiskers and nose twitching. Then she got excited (we lead a sheltered life) tail went up and out she strutted with her warm paws onto the ice. I followed her and stuck my head through a gap in the courtyard wall, to see how she'd manage her jump from the wall, onto a railing, and down onto the ground below. Unusually (because of the salt in the sea air here) everything was coated with thick ice. In a flash, she'd skated down the wall, skipped onto the railing and landed, feet first, into a pristine dusting of snow. And then just sat there, looking awestruck as she eyed me (with my head poking through the wall) and the surrounding whiteness. She looked so beautiful out there in her brown fur coat. She'd never seen snow before. Off she went on her usual patrol. And returned an hour later, looking very pleased with herself. Pads of her paws were not at all cold or wet. Clever pussy cat.

A few days ago, I received a letter from a friend in Ireland. She wrote that Jung called animals God's children, and she thinks they are. Me too. Hehe Ophelia, my darling little baby, I love you my dear little furry faced pet.

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 1/29/2004
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