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Tuesday, February 03, 2004


And operates as a commercial enterprise - not a public broadcasting service

Yesterday, I wrote a very long post about the "Media and BBC post Hutton". Got cold feet on publishing it right away. Decided to sleep on it. This morning, I got sidetracked replying to emails and working on my letter to Michael Dell that has taken days to put together. Printed enclosures today and have envelope ready for J to take to the Post Office tomorrow. Registered post to Michael Dell in America.

It's been an arduous task and has set me back this week. More on what happened before that, at a later date. Right now, I can't see out of my eyes properly, muscles are on fire and throat is all sore again. Forgive if these posts sound disjointed. Concentration is slowing up badly. It may force me to take a blogging break this week.

So, after sleeping on it, I've decided not to publish my "Media and the BBC post Hutton" piece because it's contentious, which I did not intend for this blog to be. Plus, it may upset one of my *cough* most *cough* favourite bloggers who, on September 2, 2003, wrote this masterpiece “Oh Lordy - Not Another Over-Simplified Political Post!” - the very first post I'd read when I discovered his blog.

Let's just say that my piece ended by suggesting that the government stop making us go to prison if we refuse to pay £112 a year to the BBC, and to make the BBC stop sneaking around in unmarked vans, scanning the country for people to fine (it's £1,000 fine for owning a TV set and not paying the BBC £112 each year); or stop the BBC from operating as a commercial enterprise under the guise of a public broadcasting service. Commercial or PBS - can't have it both ways. It doesn't work.

Instead, here below is a piece on Hutton, written by British blogger Clive Soley, Labour MP. Please do read it. It's excellent.

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