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Tuesday, February 03, 2004


A genius - and a great thinker

Wish I had not lost contact with my dear old friend George Wilberforce Lock (William Wilberforce an ancestor of his). George would have been able to help with Clive Soley's request (see above).

George and I were good friends for five years in London. He was one of the most interesting people I've ever met. We often met up at Westminster Abbey, one of my most favourite places in London. I lived in Pimlico, London SW1 and George lived in the Russell Square area of West London.

One day at the Abbey, George brought along a super camera with a tripod. Had special permission to research some papers, on Wilberforce, that were held at the Abbey - and was allowed to photograph the Abbey's magnificent statue of William Wilberforce.

As soon as I saw Clive's post, I thought of George. Good old George. A mine of information. I'm sure he'd have been able to provide some good leads on William and Ellen Craft.

If anyone reading this knows the whereabouts of George, I'd be most grateful to know. He moved from the Russell Square area of London to retire in Llandudno, Wales, in the early 1990's. I gave up trying to trace George years ago, when I returned from America. I've always hoped he is still alive. And have always regretted not replying to the last letter he sent to me in America.

(Note to my Quaker friend - if you are reading this (you know who you are) please give Clive's request some thought and ask around. Thanks :)

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