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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

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And Mac's furry reminders on Will's Mac

Yesterday, I left this comment over at Will Parker's blog:

Hi Will, found you in the comments over at Stephen's blog. Love the picture of you and your cat. It reminded me of the tent game I play with Ophelia each Sunday. Some sections of The Sunday Times are sturdy enough to stand on the floor - like a greetings card. Ophelia loves tunnelling underneath. It's pretty funny watching sections of newspaper moving around the room. Yes, I know - I don't get out much ;)

A few hours later, I received this email from Will:

Who needs to get out when there are cats? };->

That's Mac (short for Macintosh Geefour Parker), our five year old part-Abyssian. We took the picture when he was about 2 and only weighed about 8 pounds. He's currently about 17 pounds and a little over 3 feet long when he stretches out. Abbies take a long time to mature and he's our first, so we're starting to wonder whether we're going to wind up with a cat the size of a beagle. (Not that that would be a bad thing.)

His newest trick is to crawl up onto the keyboard of my 15" PowerBook while I'm working on it and present his tummy to be rubbed. I find it completely impossible to refuse him, so I keep finding little sheaves of cat hair coming out of the keyboard at the oddest times -- usually when I'm in a meeting.

Thanks for dropping by my blog! You're always welcome. - Will

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