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Monday, March 29, 2004

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On its way again from Taiwan

This morning, I received Apple's Shipment notification.

Dear Customer, We are pleased to send you this shipment notification regarding your Apple Store order.

Order Date : 26-03-2004
Terms of Delivery CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid
PBG4 15.2/1GHZ/512/60/SD/B
Ship Date : 29-03-2004
Weight : 4.69 KG
Volume : 28.77 CDM

Thank you for choosing the Apple Store. We appreciate your business. The Apple Store Team.
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Anti-virus update

I've just received 3 virus alerts from Sophos anti virus. Three Win 32 worms are on the loose. When I use my new mac, seems I won't have to do Symantec Anti-Virus Updates every few days. Mac users say they don't get viruses, worms or trojans. Some weeks, my email inbox overflows with virus alerts for this Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Apple Store said it's not necessary to install anti-virus protection for macs. I wonder if macs do get viruses but are just not affected by them. Maybe macs can spread viruses to PCs. To be on the safe side, maybe I'll buy anti virus protection for mac. Can't bear any more stressful computer problems.

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 3/29/2004
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