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Monday, March 01, 2004


Magical sights and silence

Last week, hail and snow storms here by the seaside took us by surprise. Hail beat against the windows. Ophelia raced under the bed. Opened back door to take a look. In flew a carpet of polystyrene cornflakes. Made two hot water bottles. One for Ophelia's hidey hole under the bed. Two minutes later she came out of hiding ;)

Snow fell thick and silent. Streams of feathers from sky to sea, creating a total white-out. Not a soul in sight. The sea sounded strangely hushed. Seemed like me and Ophelia were the only beings in existence. Fire burned brighter. Table lamps shone amber. Toasty warm under duvets and pillows. Magical and cosy.

Right at that moment, I found Rayne's blog and gazed in wonderment at her Night snow and Night snow, redux. It echoed the heavy silence of the snow falling here. And reminded me of the magical winter wonderland of my mother's homeland and my favourite country: Austria. Fellow blogger Suw, who also lives in Dorset, blogged her snowflakes and sneeuw! pics.

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