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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Computer problems

Due to computer problems, the last three posts are published in advance of a blogging break. They invite commentary so, while I am not able to post here, I will be able to interact via the commenting service and email which at least lets you know that I am still here (with you in spirit!) behind the screen - and, missing blogging :(

My computer goes into overdrive, gets overheated and shuts itself off, especially when capturing URLs for linking and publishing to my blog. It's taking me too many hours to publish posts. So, until the computer is sorted, I am taking a break from posting and do not expect to publish again until March 1st.

Over the next few weeks I'll be visiting my readers' blogs, exploring blogs outside of the UK, US and Japan, and catching up on replies to emails. Plus computer housekeeping and writing long overdue thank you notes and cards. In the meantime, please do email or comment anytime. I'm always here, happy to hear from any readers :) Love from Ingrid and Ophelia xx

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