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Thursday, April 01, 2004

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BlogRunner's List of Top Authors on the web - by Philippe Lourier

Philippe Lourier of EgoTrip grew up in France and the USA. He lives in New York and describes his project BlogRunner as being a "weblog" aggregator.

At BlogRunner, in his section on the Top Authors List, Philippe writes: "When I started work on BlogRunner, I chose InstaPundit and Scripting News - as good an approximation of the center of the blogosphere as any, I thought - as seeds and BlogRunner started acquiring weblogs outwards from these points. The current list reflects that initial decision."

Note the Top Authors List at BlogRunner mixes bloggers with professional journalists and commercially run websites - mostly American. And that BlogRunner states the Top Authors listed are the most influential reporters and bloggers on the web.

I'm wondering how come veteran master blogger Joi Ito in Japan is not listed. I did a search of BlogRunner's list and it came up with: "Sorry, 'Joi Ito's Web' is not a known website".

Even if I say so myself, this is an apt post for April Fool's Day ;-)

[via Halley Suitt]

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