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Thursday, April 29, 2004

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Now seems like a hell of a time to try and start

Who says medicine isn't satisfying? asks blogging doctor Nicholas Genes. Here's what was overhead on the rounds last week: 

Medical intern: "Any pain this morning, Mr. Jones?"
Mr. Jones: "Yeah, actually, I was getting this sharp pain in my back overnight."
Intern: "Can you sit up?"
Mr. Jones rises.
Intern: "Sir, you slept on your fork."

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Nick, in his post entitled Do something, writes:

"It's an abrupt buzz-kill from this site's recent levity and nostalgia, but I just saw my name on Me and Ophelia's list of bloggers passionate about international justice. I'm surprised by the inclusion, and can't help but think she's politely, implicitly, challenging me to put my money where my mouth is.

Unlike the Amazon hoax I railed against last weekend, this crisis is real, and it's not getting the attention it deserves. James Moore has got the latest on the genocide in Sudan. Passion of the Present lists the ways readers can get involved.

For all our opinions and perceived influence, bloggers haven't done a whole lot to change the world. Now seems like a hell of a time to try and start. Pass it on."

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Note: Like I said in Nick's comments, I knew he was a sweetie pie. For some reason, he sounds good looking - maybe because, like Madhu, (you two should meet!) he has a good and kind soul.
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For doing something

This is to say a big 'thank you' to other bloggers who so kindly posted and linked to the Passion of the Present, namely:

Pauly, in New York City, who has just had a monster holiday in Vegas. Being a writer and expert poker player, Pauly can blog about anything - poker, hookers and genocide - in one seamless breath, and still make it read normal ;-)

British blogger John, a journalist who works in the UK but lives in Australia and also writes for pub quiz books. John and his English wife are soon-to-be Australian citizens. Here's wishing them the best.

Wendy, at Allseasons in Canada, who feels that the scale of suffering in Africa is mind boggling, writes this great line, quote: "But we all need to be aware and to do what we can. It is always better to at least do something, no matter how small it seems." (btw Wendy re the comment I left at your post: I should have typed that 30,000 (not 10,000) people have already died in the Sudan).

And thanks to Clive, affectionately known as Balders, who is best mates - since schooldays - with the much loved Scaryduck (who's suffering right now with flu and bereavement). Clive's working on a post re the Sudan - said he's doing some digging around, for posting by the end of this week to his blog The UK Today. We love Scaryduck. Get well soon Scary xx
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Deals on craft and knitting books

Teresa at Hatamaran blogspot is mad keen on crafts and making hats, and loves her husband, family and pets even more.

Currently, Teresa's cleaning out her craft and knitting book shelves and putting them into her Ebay Store. Says she couldn't have done it without her loyal assistants Grayson and Atticus who were hard at work while she listed her books on Ebay.

Whoever said a dog can't smile, hasn't met Teresa's little fat dog Sadie...

Note to Teresa: Thanks also to you for blogging about the Sudan - and posting that neat (where did you get it!) icon in your sidebar linking to the Passion of the Present.

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