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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Time is critical and hours matter

I've been reading up on Jim Moore's very important post.

Jim is asking for us bloggers to help stop the genocide in Sudan.

Time is critical.  Hours matter.

He is encouraging us to find a way to focus on the people of Sudan.

There are at least five things we bloggers can do to help:-

1) Read Jim's very important post.

2) Write to him or do something creative with our blogging friends.

3) Consider a prominent link to "The Passion of the Present." It has news links with pre-set searches for Sudan news, as well as links to continously updated pages from Human Rights Watch. The site also includes a long excerpt from the devastating NYT op-ed by Nicholas Kristof.

4) Forfeit non-essential stuff like going to the movies and use instead the cost of a movie ticket to contribute at least a fiver to any of the links provided at Jim's blog or The Passion of the Present.

5) Pray for the people in Sudan.

God bless the people in Sudan. I have been trying to donate some of my birthday money to Doctors Without Borders but the site is not showing up. I'll keep trying until I get through.
- - -

Jim's update: He has spoken to the director of Human Rights Watch who has posted the first documented information showing that government troops and militia are conspiring in the genocide in Sudan. Jim says, "this is very important because it will increase the rationale for the international community, including the United States, to act.  President Bush has urged the government of Sudan to act to stop the militias, and has suggested that the Sudanese government is "complicit."  But the depth of that complicity is now being documented by the few outside observers who have been able to get into Darfur."
- - -

In an effort to publicise Jim's post, I've submitted this news to The World Star Gazette - USA and pinging here - via Technorati - some of the bloggers that I read regularly and who I know care about genocide and world politics:

Clive Soley MP - London
Melanie Phillips - England
Scaryduck - England
Tom Watson MP - England
The UK Today - England
John Rowbottom - Australia
Jim O'Connell - Tokyo
Tantor - Washington DC
Paul McGuire - NYC
Jon Schanzer - USA
Madhu MD - USA
Nicholas Genes - USA
Daniel in Estonia
Interested-Participant - USA
Lisa Williams - Boston, MA
Teacher's Tales - England
- - -

Update Sunday April 25: Finally, I got through to the donation page at
Doctors without borders (MSF). After keying in my name, address and credit card details (they don't do PayPal) the site flagged up the UK London office of Médecins Sans Frontières - and asked if I wished to donate to the USA or UK. Because it wasn't PayPal, I selected UK so there'd be no problem with currency exchange. It was a simple process and took just one minute. Wish charities would get more organised though, and use facilities like PayPal. I believe there's now a PayPal Europe. Not keen on typing credit card and ID details on screen. Feel more comfortable paying via PayPal.

Médecins Sans Frontières UK (aka doctors without borders) is a part of the international network of volunteers, field projects and offices that make up MSF’s world-wide movement.  They help it deliver vital and urgent medical care.  Check out how to become a volunteer.

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