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Thursday, April 08, 2004

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Lost all my Outlook Express emails on pc

This week has passed by in a blur. Too much activity. Feeling very ill. Computer technician visited here yesterday morning 10 - 12.30. He used the Move2Mac CD and cable to transfer folders from pc to Mac. They transferred over OK but the emails will not open up because my Mac does not have Outlook Express. It'd cost around GBP 400 to get OE onto the Mac. Wish I'd converted the emails I needed into a word document, before the transfer. That way, at least I'd have access to them on the Mac. Instead, I'll have to go through every email on my Dell laptop and print off the ones with important details. There are hundreds of them.

The technician set up my Tiscali and Virgin email accounts, reset the Epson printer, installed new printer cartridge and showed me how to empty the Dell. There was a hold up. Whenever we went to get mail, a box would appear on screen, prompting for various "Keychain" passwords. I spent the afternoon on the phone to Apple Support trying to sort it out. They were in Bangalore, India. In the end, we agreed to delete the keychain facility. Apple Support were as good as Dell's. They phoned me on my mobile because I have only one landline. Call must have cost them a packet.

In the July News Archive at Blogger is a BlogThis! facility. They say it supports nearly every browser regardless of OS. This includes IE 5 or greater on both the PC and Mac, Mozilla 1.0+, Safari, Camino, Firebird, Opera ... pretty much everything greater than Netscape 4. I've tried dragging BlogThis! into my Safari browser but it won't go. Also, I've tried installing Google toolbar but that did not work either. Last night, I finished myself off trying to get BBC News online to stick as my homepage. And learning how to blog on this new computer. Seems what I used before was "Classic Blogger". On this, I can find no Blogger style button for cancel, bold or italics.

At the same time, while all of this was going on, my housekeeper was here, preparing six days of meals in advance. I've given her Easter week off as a holiday. Day before yesterday, I organised delivery of 28 Suchard chocolate bunnies - 10 large and 18 small. They're Swiss and very cute, covered in gold foil with a pretty tinkling golden bell hanging on red ribbon around their necks.

And there was a fierce hailstorm. Ophelia got caught out in it and spent a few hours sheltering somewhere (she's terrified of hail). This morning we did not awaken until 9am. I wrote out fourteen Easter cards. And put a fiver in each of the cards for the children. My brother stopped by at 10 am for an hour's chat. He took the box of chocolate bunnies and cards to distribute among family and extended family. Five rabbits and cards are left for my friends - plus three cards for mailing. My eyeballs are burning, throat sore and teeth aching. Feel feverish. Hands and feet freezing cold. Can't get warm. Feel rough and low. It'll take weeks to get back to where I was three months ago. I'm worse this Easter than I was the past four. No chance of walking 50 yards to the beach on my birthday 20 April. It's now thirteen months since I last walked beyond my postbox. Roll on summer.

Update: Discovered I have to manually input the tags for bold and italics. I've managed to get BlogThis! into my Safari browser. And I'm posting this from the Mac. Heh. I nearly know what I'm doing now.

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