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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Is awesome

Stunned yesterday, when I visited everyone in my sidebar. Using Safari browser on a 15 inch widescreen to see my familiar blogmates - in all their glory - for the first time. Amazing sizes, layouts, colours and fonts. Speechless when I realised what I've endured these past months. I've no idea if, what I saw before, was due to Microsoft's Windows XP Pro, Internet Explorer 6 browser or the 12 inch Dell screen - or all three combined. Whatever, compared to the powerbook, it gave a distorted view of the blogosphere. Like looking through a noisy keyhole for eight months. Even Blogger's template appears very different, like a super upgrade.

The powerbook's features are awesome. Keyboard and trackpad are not as smooth to use as Dell's but I remember feeling that way about the Dell when it arrived. Best of all though is: the silence. Surfing on the Mac feels, for the first time ever, beautifully calm and peaceful.

The Dell Latitude C400 is so stressful. The concentration it took to read and write while it whizzed, groaned, whined, burred and revved up - and shut itself off - was like being on a roller coaster without any brakes. No doubt it was working against my health and mood.

Earlier on yesterday, I set up the Dell and Mac laptops in tandem. Phoned Apple Technical Support three times to register and ask questions. Installed AppleWorks. Have a cute cat picture for my log-in. Still not receiving email properly on the Mac. Maybe because I am with ISPs Tiscali and Virgin. I've registered both on the Mac. Phoned a local engineer for help but he's only into hardware and has never worked with Macs.

All in all, the past four months of hourly troubles with the Dell (that I thought was for 'life') turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I was very happy with the Dell. Had it not gone so badly wrong, it would have been years before I even contemplated moving to Mac.

Thanks for the kind messages from everyone, including John, Hazel, Madhu, Pauly, Wendy and James. Really appreciate it. Sorry I've not been up to responding. I'm feeling pretty ill right now and have to use the Dell to publish this.

If anyone is interested in knowing what their blog looks like on a 15" powerbook, I'll blog it. I got a shock when I saw mine. There were all sorts of things out of shape in the sidebar that I couldn't see before. Now I can even see the Powered by Blogger icon and other stuff. My blog is small and stark and sits in the far left of the screen - leaving the whole right half of the screen blank. I'll take notes of other sites and blog what I see. Wendy and Hazel, sit to the left of the screen too - so at least I'm not alone :-) Pauly's blogspot looks fine, John and James too (note link may not work as James is under construction). Madhu's looks especially good but I've not had time to analyse why - maybe because it has no frames. I'll post more on this at a later date.

This morning, I spent two hours attempting to migrate folders from pc to mac. But could not get past first stage of installation instructions on Move2Mac CD. Unable to find the drive letter of my CD drive. I've phoned another local engineer. He's experienced with all computers and said he can help. I'll have to wait until he phones me tomorrow to know when he can visit here and transfer the folders, reset the printer and advise on how to empty the Dell of data before its return to the factory in Ireland.

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