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Monday, April 19, 2004

Search on Sotheby's
Auction results

One can now search the Sotheby's sold lot archive. View lot details and prices realised from past sales at Sotheby's auction results. Some of the items have photos.

via Serene Koning's main blog Bloggzen.
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Serena Konig's Molene blog
Technorati links for each post

I've spent a few hours clicking into the many layers of Serena Konig's BlogSpots. So far, I've found that Serena authors:

Bookzen on books. Newszen for news commentary. ZEN/\ERA website that aims to promote new and established businesses, globally and locally. ZENART features Serena's oil paintings of cows, horses, cats, dogs, birds and other species.

Also, there's Molene where Serena writes that she can now track who is linking to a particular post on her blog by clicking the Technorati (that she's renamed Linkorati) link next to the commenting facility beneath each of her posts.

Note to Serena: I too have a free BlogSpot and am interested in the way you have been able to set up various categories. You have two facilities beneath each of your posts, one for comments and the other for Linkorati. I clicked on Linkorati and got Technorati: Search for<$BlogItemArchiveFileName$> but can't figure what to do next. Without permalinks or trackback, how exactly do I link this post - here in my blog - to an individual post of yours?

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