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Thursday, May 20, 2004

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IRAQ NEVER DECLARED BINARY ARTILLERY SHELLS FULL OF NERVE AGENT - Like the Sarin round used to attack our troops this week

Tantor says: "Uh oh. Looks like those nasty nonexistent WMDs are rearing their invisible heads. Blaster's Blog reveals that:

"Iraq never declared any binary 155mm artillery shells. In fact, they never claimed any filled with sarin at all in the UNSCOM Final report (Find on "Munitions declared by Iraq as remaining"). Not declared as existing at the end of the Gulf War, not having been destroyed in the Gulf War, not having been destroyed unilaterally. The only binary munitions claimed by the Iraqis were aerial bombs and missile warheads. Not in an artillery shell."

Expect more surprises in the future. Those WMDs are out there somewhere, waiting to be found. Finding this one sarin shell is like Mel Fisher finding the first Spanish doubloons spilled on the seabed from the sunken Atocha."

# posted by Ingrid J. Jones @ 5/20/2004
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