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Friday, May 21, 2004

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Confirmed by Apple Technical Support in India

After I completed the five steps (see my previous post), my mac was working fine. Until I couldn't open any web pages. Either my ISP was at a standstill - or something was wrong. More likely I'd done something wrong with that chessboard :-) Because I have a 3-year warranty, I phoned Apple Technical Support to check on what I'd done.

A very helpful technician called Boris, had not heard of the OS X flaw, so I gave him my blog URL and asked him to get it up on his screen. He'd not heard of weblogs. He read my latest posts. And then offered to formally log this enquiry, make some investigations and phone me back on my mobile in ten minutes. I am typing this while I await his call.

He has just phoned. After speaking in-depth with a Product Specialist he says Apple emphatically state: there is not a security flaw in the mac operating system. He said Apple engineers around the world, work on macs every day, month after month and year after year and there is no way there is a security flaw for mac operating system. He said a few months back they gave out a security warning about a trojan horse on Microsoft software - but it had nothing to do with the operating system. I asked him if he was 100% sure. He said yes. I asked if it was a hoax. He said, well yes. I suggested that Apple post this confirmation on their website before this rumour and hoax gathers momentum on the Internet. He agreed to put the suggestion forward.

Because my machine was acting up, Boris talked me through the steps of reinstalling my software using the software install and restore CD. It took half an hour. Everything is now as good as new again. I'm glad it was only a hoax. Apple are still as awesome as they say :-)

I am pinging a copy of this good news - via Technorati - to: Chris Young, Wired News, Jay Allen, Liz Lawley and Jim O'Connell.

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