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Saturday, May 08, 2004

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About the troubles happening around the world?

A few days ago I talked to a friend who said I should not worry and bother about Iraq and the Sudan and what the media says.

He always sees the larger picture ... and of life in 500 years time (!)

I know he makes sense. But he's confused me. There's more than a grain of truth in what he says. He has a point. He asked me why I care. And said I should not waste my precious energy on such things.

My concerns were that wherever major troubles were happening around the world, they seemed increasingly to involve the Muslims, Jews and Arabs.

To me, it feels like World War III began on 9/11. And that the Muslims are trying to take over the world. Yes, Christians too are encouraged to spread The Word and the Gospels. But not by means of force and violence.

My friend did not agree with my feelings that World War III had begun. He said it was the media giving such an impression because that's how they make their money, create more work and keep their jobs.

He did agree with me about the Muslims and said it's their faith that compels them to convert the world. And the trouble is that they, like most religious people, are fanatics and nobody can sway them from their beliefs. He feels the trouble with all religions is each one of them fervently believes that only their God is the one true God.

He said the media feeds off the uneducated masses (the ones who don't do their homework) because they get work and a job out of it. And that war in the Sudan is nothing new. It's been going on there for the past 30 years. I got the feeling that he thought I was being silly by caring. And wasting my time and life.

I'm over tired at the moment. A high-energy friend visited here Tuesday - Thursday. Dell finally picked up their equipment yesterday. And I managed to erase my data. I'll try and blog it later. Right now I feel as though I have tonsillitis on top of total exhaustion. Tonsils when I swallow feel like they have shards of glass sticking in them. Head and muscles ache. Face hot. Teeth and hair hurt. Eyes burn. Feel so worn down by constant illness.

The big difference between my friend and I is that he is an atheist and I believe in God. He lays great store in science, scientific thinking and evidence. And above all, education. He often goes off on tangents and rants about the thousands of different religious sects, each believing in their own God. And thinks all religion is a load of rubbish that forms the basis of the troubles in this world. He hopes that in thousands of years time, man will be educated enough in science to phase out religion.

I get frustrated at not having the energy to argue my corner. All I can say is there is only one God and I wish God would make an appearance on Earth, in a way that all people can see, and sort everyone out.

If we don't care about our fellow man, what is it that separates man from animals? And what is love?

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